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Whether baby has a tearing from a blocked tear duct or grandma is developing macular degeneration, these specialty-trained ophthalmologists offer the most advanced approaches in caring for your family's needs.

Many ophthalmology offices offer care for retinal issues, glaucoma, cataracts, pediatric eye conditions, or general eye disease. Family Eye Group does all that, but also goes beyond the usual treatment of eye issues and diseases. Here is a sampling of he advanced approaches available to Family Eye Group patients:

  • Tests that check the function of the entire visual system, including the eye, optic nerve, and brain
  • Tests that can detect tiny changes in the retina caused by medication or disease
  • An innovative surgical procedure to unblock clogged tear ducts in adults and children
  • A diagnostic test that can evaluate how a patient's eyes work together
  • Cataract surgery that reduces dependence on reading and distance glasses
  • Cataract surgery combined with glaucoma surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery for eyelid cancers and eye trauma
  • An accredited Dry Eye Center offering state-of-the-art testing and treatment for dry eyes
  • A more gentle surgery to solve the problem of sagging eyebrows
  • Radiofrequency treatments to reduce facial lines and wrinkles
  • The newest generation of eyeglass lenses

We welcome new patients, knowing that they can always be scheduled promptly with a practitioner.

Call the office to receive the care you need for the whole family - infant, child, teen, middle aged, and aged. All will be welcome.



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